On Monday 4th May the Steering group of the KA202 Project “Filling the skills gap of European VET learners” (EROVET+) held an online meeting. The meeting had been scheduled to take place in Thiene (Italy), but due to the COVID19 outbreak the partners of the project decided to meet online. 


Two representatives of the 8 partner institutions attended the meeting and took decisions related to final development of some of the network services, such as the EROVET Entrepreneurship Prize and the EROVET Entrepreneurship Label. All partners look forward to launching these services, so that members of the network can soon take advantage of them.

Partners could also see how the EROVET Job Pool platform will look like in our website in about one month time and how learners, training centres and companies of the network will be able to make the most of it. All attendants to the meeting valued the platform as a great asset of the network and believe that it will undoubtedly contribute to fostering the employability of VET learners and graduates.

The meeting continued with a revision of the proposed tests for the E2BM Course and of the draft of the guide of the EROVET Managerial Skills Course, which was started during the Staff Joint Activity held in Crew (UK). Partners were asked to work on both proposals and provide the project coordinators with some feed back before the next meeting.


Finally, some time was devoted to rescheduling the project meetings and activities that had been planned for the current month and for the next ones. All partners expressed again their full commitment with the project and its results and look forward to meeting again soon.


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