Mobility Network

(Project leaders: Escola del Treball de Lleida and ORTAKOY 80.YIL MESLEKI VE TEKNIK ANADOLU LISESI)

It is important that students from the countries involved in the EROVET project can do part of their work placement abroad. It is well known how difficult it is to find reliable partners who are qualified to guarantee the delivery of a correct and meaningful training during this period abroad. We have therefore decided to set up a network, which will give training centres from the seven countries involved in the EROVET project the possibility to become members of the network in order to help promote and improve the mobility of their students (other VET centres can also join this Mobility Network).

The training centres will be able to exchange students (sending and hosting students) within the network. They will actively look for internship vacancies in their respective countries and they will also be in charge of organising student accommodation and carrying out supervision duties.

A Chart with the commitments of the training centres and students has been devised in order to guarantee successful mobilities. The current members of the EROVET Mobility Network as well as their study offer is also shown in this section.

How can my training centre join the EROVET MOBILITY NETWORK?

By filling in the online form below.


Who will examine your application?

  • If your Training Centre belongs to one of the EROVET Project partners countries:
    The EROVET partner school in your country will examine the application and will send ıt to the EROVET Steering Committee for a final validation.
  • If your Training centre belongs to a country which is not a member of EROVET:
    Two EROVET partners will examine your application and will take it to the Steering Committee for a final validation.

Mobility Network

Being part of one of these training centres gives you the opportunity to do internships abroad.
If interested, get in touch with the contact person of each center (information in the PDF)

Mobility network members



1st EPAL Komotini

EROVET Partner

2nd EPAL Komotini

EROVET Partner


IIS des ambrois

EROVET Partner




EROVET Partner

Would you like to be part of this?

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Institut Escola del Treball (Project Coordinator)
Tel. 973 23 15 49
Carrer de Pi i Margall, 51, 25004 Lleida
25005 Lleida


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