EROVET is a group of VET stakeholders united to foster youth employability. Currently EROVET is financed by the Erasmus+ programme through the Key Action 2: Cooperation of innovation and exchange of good practices, but aims to become a sustainable network in the near future.

In September 2017, the youth unemployment rate in the EU28 was 16.6%. During the same period, Germany has the lowest rate with just 6.4%, whereas Greece and Spain got the highest with almost 4 out of 10 teenagers are in an unemployed situation.

Researchers agree that there are a number of reasons for this situation. Some believe that the lack of professional experience is one of the obstacles that prevent young people finding a job. Others state that the mismatch between the skills and the positions offered on the job market is one of the key issues.

According to this information, the EROVET’s promoters believe something should be done with the view of:

•   Helping developing high quality and labour market relevant vocational skills (with a special emphasis on work based learning and entrepreneurship).

•   Enhancing mobility opportunities in order to contribute to the international competitiveness of our labour force

•   Improving long life orientation and guidance

This big goal can be accomplished in the framework of EROVET, a group made up of European VET representatives and relevant stakeholders, such as VET training centres, economical institutions and local administrative institutions.

EROVET aims to increase youth employability opportunities, through the following working lines:

1. Improving professional competences, by developing professional orientation and providing work placement opportunities in other European countries.

2. Adapting the professional profiles to the real demands of the companies, by building strong partnerships between companies and training centers to promote students mobilities and work-based learning.

3. Fostering the entrepreneurship initiative, by improving the quality of resources related to entrepreneurship and orientation.


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