The EROVET community it’s integrated by eight partners from seven different countries, the coordinator is GlobaLleida, an entity of economic promotion in Lleida (Spain). Five VET training centres are also partners in the project: Ortaköy 80.Yıl Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi in Ankara (Turkey), Escola Profissional AMAR TERRA VERDE in Vila Verde (Portugal), i.i.s. des ambrois in Oulx (Italy), Vilnius Tourism and Commerce School in Vilnius (Lithuania) and Institut Escola del Treball in Lleida (Spain). Finally two local entities also belong to EROVET, Dieythynsi Deyterobathmias Ekpaideysis N.Rodopis in Komotini (Greece) and Landkreis Osnabrück Fachdienst Bildung in Osnabrück.

All these stakeholders during the next two years until 2019, will share problems and solutions, knowledge, data and resourced that will contribute to make of EROVET a real tool for VET centres and learners, and will put the means to become a self-sustainable network that will be able to accept new members in the near future.

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