A communication plan has been established with the objective of guaranteeing the dissemination of the project to the different target groups. The principal aim of the Communication Plan will be to reinforce, by means of different messages and channels, the creation of a community around EROVET.

Digital channels, blogs, collaboration actions and collaborations with entitles related to the project will be used:

  • EROVET Website: a website with all the information related to the project will be created.
  • EROVET social media: project specific profiles in Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin will be created
  • EROVET Blog: A blog with information on the actions of the project will also be created. It will aim to give voice to its participants.
  • Emailing: An emailing platform will be used to inform about public activities like Multiplier Events.
  • Media: Interviews, documentaries and participation in local radio and TV programmes and the press will be proposed


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