A success story of a quality Erasmus mobility

I want to introduce you to David and his success story. That story began with Erasmus. On September 1, 2013, David entered Vilnius Tourism and Commerce School and began to study the profession of cook since he just enjoyed cooking. In the second year of study he applied for Erasmus +, went throuhg all the selection stages and was chosen to go on a traineeship in Denmark. He was just a twelve grader, yet a minor, who was distinguished, perhaps only with his own joy, energy,  glowing eyes and curiosity. For five weeks, David has been practicing in a small town in Roskilde, a vocational training center at the Danish Meat Trade College. Before completing the traineeship, he signed the ECVET contract, which described his learning outcomes and their assessments, as well as what knowledge, skills and competences he would receive during the internship, what would be the detailed practical training program, how his progress will be recorded and what grades will be transferred  when returning to school.

After an internship, David wrote:
“This was my first trip to Denmark with the Erasmus + program. I really liked the school where we were studying because it was very big and modern. When studying in Denmark, I could taste their traditional dishes that we made ourselves. It was an interesting and useful experience. Students and teachers were very friendly and helpful. Accommodation and meals were excellent because students did not care for anything, everything was thought out in advance. In Denmark I have improved my English language skills and professional abilities that will greatly help in my career. “

After returning from the internship, David continued to study, preparing for maturity examinations. On May 5th, just on David’s birthday, a former student came to school. By the way, he also trained in the Erasmus + program in France, Strasbourg. At that time, he was working in a newly renovated “La Boheme” restaurant  and asked to recommend a trustworthy student because they currently lack the staff. The first student who came to mind was David. When he heard about the offer, he was of course very pleased, but also scared. After all, it’s a real job. Will everything be fine? Employers were pleased with a hardworking employee, while David with a great birthday gift.

One year later, he graduated from the school and continued to work at “La Boheme” restaurant. At that time, the Lithuanian Employers’ Confederation were searching for candidates, who had graduated in 2016. Graduates would go to a 3-month internship in Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria or the Czech Republic. A necessary condition was to work according the gained qualification in a Lithuanian company. The coordinator of the Employers’ Confederation project has asked the school to recommend potential project participants. Among them was David. He traveled to Italy and trained in Milan’s “Pisacco” restaurant for three months.

Each graduate was sent an individual internship program in accordance with the requirements of his company, host organization abroad and the participant’s needs. During the internship, the participants had the opportunity to improve the professional competencies required for their work activities; general competencies that help to effectively work in different work and living environments and personal career management competencies for career development.

After returning from Milan, David worked in a holiday resort Nida restaurant “Bo house” during the season. At the moment, he is working again in Vilnius, near St. The Catherine’s Church in the former 18th-century monastery located cozy restaurant “Trinity”, famous for its exotic cuisine and named “Trinity”, because it’s like three in one – a cocktail bar, a restaurant and a nightclub.

Asked to share his experience of the opportunities offered by Erasmus, David said: “The internship in Denmark had a great impact, because I learned a lot about the restaurant business, expanded my knowledge of the kitchen work and learned a lot of professional stuff, and it also helped get the first job. The internship in Italy was completely professional, and this was the pursuit of my goals and the development of competences, I improved them very much during the internship and learned a lot. When you live and work in another country, get acquainted with its food traditions and new recipes, which will greatly help you in the future. Both in Denmark and in Italy, it was great experience, because it gives you new opportunities. ”

Being a student of a vocational school and working graduate, before going for internship abroad, David clearly knew where he would have practice, what exactly the traineeship program would be, what goals he would seek, who will be his mentor, and who and how would assess his progress. Traineeships were recognized as practical training and professional development, his learning outcomes were validated, he was also given the Europass Mobility Document.

To summarize, Erasmus has played a major role in the life of a young person, and this story, perhaps not exactly the same, but one of the many that can give people wings to discover themselves and achieve their goals and just be a happy and productive person creating wellbeing around them.

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