Vocational and Technical education carries out studies to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to our young population in order to ensure sustainable economic and social development and also to take its place in global league and to meet the need for qualified labor force of our country.

Execution of a profession is primarily an action that requires art. So the future will be shaped in the hands of our professional and qualified youngsters. We are striving to increase the quality of vocational education and to ensure the connection of education, employment, and production on a healthy basis in order to train qualified labor force in the occupational fields needed by the business world in accordance with our National Education policy renewed with our 2023 vision.

In line with the achievement of this goal, we want to establish an effective and efficient corporate structure and further improve the humanitary, financial, physical and technological infrastructure of management and organization of our VET system. In this context, the portal “Mesleğim Hayatım”(my profession is my life) was added to the chain of studies. (https://meslegimhayatim.meb.gov.tr/).

This portal, which was established in order to prepare young people who have received vocational training for a more hopeful future, aims to guide our youngsters, their families and business world who have worries about their professional life.


So, let’s evaluate what else this portal is hosting:

If our students choose their profession in accordance with their own interests, talents and characteristic traits, they can be successful, happy, creative and productive.  it is essential that the individual is aware of his/her interests or weak parts through the process of deciding the most appropriate job or profession. This is why promotional videos for 52 fields are presented in the portal to guide students in their choice of the right branch in vocational education programs. The primary objectives of our education policy are to establish formal education institutions that cooperate with the social and economic sectors of our country that are well-accepted with national and international professional competence and carry national, spiritual and professional values and train qualified labor force.

Making use of our formal educational institutions is important in determining the right career. Our formal education institutions are listed accordingly.

Students who have graduated from Vocational High Schools can use the “Curriculum Vitae and Interview Preparation” section to prepare an effective CV before applying for a job. Information about which sector they can work in and the branch they graduated from will be available through the section “Programs and Job Matching”.

Thanks to this portal, we hope to find permanent solutions to unemployment problem that exploits energy, time, and life-joy of our VET graduates who had a qualified education process.

Our vocational high school graduates will be directed to İŞKUR (Turkish Employment Agency) job posting page by clicking on the career title on the portal first and then entering the job postings section. Our young VET graduates will be able to make a job search here.


What if employers want to post a job? They can click the career title on the main page of the portal and enter the employer section. Besides, under the Professions tab, possible popular professions of the future are introduced.

Digital Transformation tab provides information and guidance on topics such as Industry 4.0, 3D printer, Robotics, Coding, and Internet etc.

We also, guide the young CVET students about the internship and how to involve in this process.

Thus, they will be able to find answers to various questions about the internship by clicking on the career title/internship section on the main page of “my profession is my life” portal.

Moreover, we have created a portal that seeks solutions to all kinds of questions that can arise about the future professions, overseas training, training of trainers, career opportunities, interview techniques, breakthrough news of our country regarding vocational education.


Furthermore, my professional life portal, which will be the meeting point of employers looking for a suitable employee with the qualified VET graduates, is also important in terms of gathering the business life and the world of education together in Turkey.

Under the “training title” on the main page, it is also available to reach “Work-Based Learning Program” which is implemented with Turkish Employment Agency.

Young VET students have access to educational opportunities abroad whereas many of them are deprived of the necessary information about the issue. To deal with such obstacles, we would like to guide to our young people who have received vocational training and give feedback about foreign scholarships.

Public Education centers, where young people can participate to reinforce their competencies with many courses and activities, are also included in this portal. With this aim, they can click on the vocational courses section under the title of education on the homepage. By this way, you will see a collective data of the courses and places sought.


Health and safety have always been our top priority. The motto “Safety first” is the first rule of our entire education system. In this context, the information about “Occupational Health and Safety” has been included in our portal.

In this context, since we collect all the data related to vocational education which makes this portal inevitable for our educators and trainers to benefit, too. All kinds of useful file forms and documents for them are available in our portal.

It’s pointed out at the document section on the home page.

This era in which the global importance of research and development increases, to reach R & D and technology centers is essential collectively. There is an opening door to the training innovation and R & D center at the bottom of the main page from the platform where all our technology centers are gathered.


In order to practice their profession, young VET graduates need a certificate.  The section to find such documents (such as mastership or journeyman’s certificate) is “my profession my life” portal.

The application projects of the VET students to improve their practices and applications are gathered in a single point in the portal within the scope of professional projects.


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