A new KA2 project co-founded by the Erasmus+ programme will allow EROVET members to continue working for VET trainers and trainees, being our final goal the improvement of the learners’ skills and ultimately foster their employability.


The new project “Filling the skills gap of European VET learners” will produce further results and services such as an app to support guidance and orientation, a video giving advice to young people about different opportunities in Europe, an innovation platform to find mentorship or financial support for the learners entrepreneurial projects and a crash course on managerial skills. The crash course will be specially designed to cover a gap, which has been identified in some VET curricula in Europe.


Three new members have so far joined EROVET in this venture: Lycée Gaston Berger from Lille (France), Engineering and Design University Technical College from Crewe (United Kingdom) and Instituto Tecnico Economico e Tecnologico Statale from Thiene (Italy). 

A warm welcome to all of you and happy to have you on board!!

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