The international pandemic of Coronavirus has already changed so much in the world and is speculated to change the workplace forever.

With many people having to work remotely and increasing unemployment because of the continued economic uncertainty of the crisis- EROVET+ partners believe that young people and Europe need EROVET now more than ever before.


We believe that through our shared work and partnership we expand our networks and opportunities, as well as providing programmes which supplement young people’s knowledge and skills in work readiness and entrepreneurship.

Where previously students and schools have predominantly relied upon external assessments and grades which haven’t taken place this year- we believe it is the additional skills and aptitude’s which will truly help young people in our member organisations to stand out from the crowd and thrive.


Furthermore, times of economic uncertainty can often also be times for innovation- where people can seize unplanned opportunities and develop new ideas for the emerging world and market.

In industries and organisations where remote working has never been considered a possibility- minds and opportunities have been forced to open, to avoid people working together in offices- which looks set to change the landscape of modern employment.


We hope that with this new flexibility, there will be more consideration of opportunities for young people and working across geographic borders– enabling young people to experience work with multi-national companies on international projects from their own homes! 

We have all faced the crisis in different ways and to different extents. Undoubtedly it has been an unprecedented time which has caused many problems and difficult circumstances- but moving forward- our partners are all committed to adapting to the changed world and continuing to make the best possible opportunities and outcomes for our institutions and young people.


The world is changing and EROVET is waiting– why not find out more about our work and keep up to date with our projects to benefit from this programme.

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