The European VET Skills Week has come to an end after a very complete programme, which has given the chance to EROVET members to participate actively.  Sessions, such as the launch of the Pact of Skills, VET Internationalization, EU funding and support opportunities for education and training, VET excellence for green and digital transitions, Future skills needs, and last but not least, the VET Excellence awards ceremony have proved to be very interesting and inspiring. 

EROVET members have also been very active during the Week by contributing from their own institutions with different sorts of activities and have eventually found the opportunity to extend their contacts by joining the Networking tool. The tool offers participants the possibility to connect and establish contacts and relations with other VET stakeholders. A great initiative in such difficult times! 

The Spanish partner, INS Escola del Treball participated showing which measures their students have to follow to face the Covid-19 situation. The Lithuanian partner,  VET Centre Zirmunai, participated with 2 online contests. The first one, ‘Pack Christmas’, was organised to promote vocational training and to develop students’ creativity, technology and digital skills, and in the second one, ‘Pumpkin Party’, students were asked to decorate a pumpkin and prepare a dish using sustainable technology. Thanks for your contributions!

Please, follow the links to watch some of INS Escola del Treball activities for the European Vocational Skills Week:

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