The second Staff Training Activity of the Filling the skills gap of European VET learners project took place at Lycée Gaston Berger from 20 th to 24 th September 2021. The partners of the project met in Lille to work on the structure and design of the EROVET Innovation Platform , one of the outcomes of the project. The platform will give VET students and graduates the possibility to develop projects together with other students or graduates across Europe and eventually upload their projects in the platform in order to find sponsorship. The platform will also give companies the opportunity to set real challenges.

A lot of work was also done in relation to the EROVET Virtual Learning Space . All members could feed the virtual space with materials and resources related to the Managerial Skills Course and to the Entrepreneurship Course . Moreover, two
newsletters were also prepared. They are expected to see the light in the months of October and November. The EROVET partners aim, thus, to enlighten their stakeholders about the services and deliverables offered by the network.

During the Staff Training Activity participants had also the opportunity to visit the B-Twin Decathlon headquarters and get familiar with the history of the branch and the products related to cycling. Particularly interesting was to see the laboratory of
materials resistance. A visit to the Euratechnologies incubator was also organized. This gave EROVET partners the possibility to present the network to Mr Julien Trucy, and explain him the features of the innovation platform and the possibilities of our VET
students to participate in real challenges and internships.

Last but no least, a visit to the historical centre of Lille was also organised by the students of Lycée Gaston Berger and the whole group of participants could enjoy the tour.

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