The signing ceremony was held at the ANKESOB Meeting Hall;for the cooperation protocol between Ankara Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen (ANKESOB) and the Mamak-Ortaköy 80. Yıl Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School under the auspices of the Mamak District Governorship and Mamak District Directorate of National Education , which includes the studies to train qualified workforce based on new technical methods.

ANKESOB Deputy Chairman Hüseyin AR , ANKESOB Education, Project and R&D Manager Erdoğan ÖZEN and ANKESOB Education Consultant Member Zeynel Abidin KARAGÖZ and Mamak-Ortaköy 80th Year Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Manager Yusuf YÖNDEM, school teachers; Ercan KÜÇÜKARSLAN, Ahmet Okan YAVUZ and students attended to the ceremony.

ANKESOB Deputy Chairman Mr.Ar and Mamak-Ortaköy 80th Year Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Manager Mr. Yöndem signed the cooperation protocol.

Mr. Ar expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation, emphasized the importance of the protocol, expressed the necessity of school-sector cooperation in his speech, and underlined the importance of ANKESOB relation with vocational education.


Stating that ANKESOB is intertwined in cooperation with VET Schools, Deputy Chairman Ar said “With the signed protocol, the educational, social and economic needs of the school that trains the artisans and craftsmen of the future will be met and the qualified workforce needed in the sectors will be provided with school-sector cooperation.” He emphasized the intention to achieve the highest level of cooperation.

Mr. Özen explained, “ In accordance with the signed protocol; in tradesmen and craftsmen workplaces, the necessary sensitivity will be shown for the best training of intern students in the relevant field, positive discrimination will be made in the employment of students with experience transfer, opportunities for field promotion, entrepreneurship and field investigation will be provided to students and teachers in the field of profession.” He noted that the training topics planned to be given will be determined together with the school.

Headmaster Mr. Yöndem said: “We are happy to be in charge of determining the training subjects planned to be lectured at school or at the workplace together with ANKESOB and providing a suitable environment for the training that the business and/or NGO representative will contribute to students and teachers about current practices in the field of profession.”

Mr. Küçükarslan said that he believed that the collaborations would lead to new horizons for students and hoped that the cooperation between the school and the sector would continue to increase.

Mr. Yavuz said that trade will be digitalized in the future and therefore they see the cooperation in education as a step and an opportunity to digitalization.

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