The 4th Online meeting of the EROVET+ Network took place yesterday morning, 17th June. All the partners of the project attended the meeting and participated actively.

The meeting started with a follow up on the agreements. Some time was devoted to the EROVET Job Pool that will be launched in the next few days and to the EROVET Virtual Space platform where the Entrepreneurship Course (EBM2) and the Managerial Skills Course have been uploaded.

Other results, such as the EROVET Finding your way video and the EROVET Innovation Platform were also considered. The video will see the light in autumn and the Innovation platform will be the central issue of the next Staff Training activity.

Partners are looking forward to meeting again physically on the next Joint Staff Training Activity that will take place form the 20th to the 24th September at Lycée Gaston Berger in Lille (France). The activity will allow participants to work on the Innovation Platform and its related documents. Participants will also devote some time to work on the elaboration of a proposal for the Case study of the Managerial Skills Course. Finally, a newsletter (E-EROVET) will also be elaborated during the meeting. The newsletter aims to reach interested stakeholders across Europe who could benefit form the resources and services offered by our network.

A great team working together to make EROVET a VET reference network in Europe.

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