(Project leaders: GLOBALleida and Vilnius tourism and commerce school)

Entrepreneurship prize

This prize will foster the creation and development of entrepreneurial projects involving VET students and also the exchange of experiences.

The objective is to promote the presentation of entrepreneurial ideas and projects that will help to encourage entrepreneurial spirit and innovation among VET students.

This recognition is aimed at students attending VET schools and graduates under 35 years old from centres belonging to the EROVET network.

The innovative nature of the projects submitted and their transferability to the market will be two of the factors particularly rewarded and encouraged. This transferability will be measured in terms of a realistic transition process from theory to the labour market and to self-employment.

The prize aims to help increase the attractiveness, recognition and competitiveness of VET. 

In the near future, when the call opens, the space to submit entries will be enabled in this section.

Entrepreneurship label

We aim to officially recognise VET training centres that follow a strategic line related to the promotion and development of entrepreneurship and initiative, in order to provide added value to them.

The EROVET Entrepreneurship label has 4 phases. Each applicant must submit a report that includes items and evidences related to entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity; check for the different phases and decide for which phase the report will be submitted. 

The EROVET Label Committee will be in charge of validating, certifying and issuing the recognition. Processes of revision and renewal are also be taken into account. 

In the near future, a protocol will also be established in order to standardise this validation at the European level.

Later on, when the period of submitting opens, the instructions and the space to submit the report will be enabled in this section.

Entrepreneurship Business Management course


We have designed a business management course on entrepreneurship that will train VET students belonging to the network of the EROVET centres to manage their own businesses.

When students or recent graduates set up a company, they often feel alone and in an unfamiliar context. Professionals are usually well-trained in their own fields of knowledge but lack business training.

The promotion of entrepreneurial initiative and attitudes should be a transversal competence taught at all levels of training. VET students with entrepreneurial spirit can use this course to plan their business ideas in a business plan format.

We therefore propose incorporating a course on entrepreneurship and business initiative to provide the tools and instruments required to understand, learn and develop the different sections of a business plan and evaluate the viability of different business ideas.

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